Save time on each email! Everyday!

  1. Morning and evening automatic email summary
  2. Filter emails using AI and not difficult rules
  3. AI to draft automatically replies to the most common emails
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GabrielAI your virtual email assistant.

GabrielAI will help you saving time, money and stress, on every email.


Do you receive too many emails?

Or you cannot keep your inbox tidy?

Or you don't have time to answer all your emails?

Then GabrielAI will help you!

GabrielAI - the simple, no-code, online application to manage your email inbox.

Save time with automatic summaries

Save up to 2 hours a day, by not doing the tedious work of checking useless emails.

Imagine waking up each morning to only one single email to read!

All the emails you have received during the night nitly organized in one single emails simple to digest.

GabrielAI reads and summarizes your email for you, so you can focus on what is really important.

Stop wasting time trying to read all your emails!

Stay organized with smart filters

Finally email filtering that are smart and work for you, not against you!

Email filtering is vital to manage your emai inbox and quickly find what you are looking for.

But today email filters are just too simple! You can either filter for a word or for the sender. Useless.

GabrielAI allows you to filter your emails using natural language.

If the email is about a request for support, then put it into the "Help" folder.

Live stress free with automatic drafting

Stop worry about the best thing to say, let AI handle it for you.

Sometimes your emails are just very repetitive. You are just typing again and again information that are readily available.

But still, it takes long time, it is stressful, you can always forget some details and just very boring.

GabrielAI draft the perfect email for you, automatically, following your precise instrucions.

Just tell GabrielAI, using natural language, which email create a draft for and how to draft that email.

Next time you will just need to hit send!

Try GabrielAI today!

For free!

Just log in with Gmail and you will get started!

Save time by summarize your emails

Getting all catch up in the morning is a slow, tedius and boring task.

GabrielAI reads all your emails for you, remove the one you already read, remove the one that are spam, and generate one single summary email.

You will look forward for GabrielAI emails in the morning, they just speed up your day!

Stay organized

GabrielAI is the best way to organize your emails.

Stop using antiquated filters that are hard and difficult to maintains.

Use GabrielAI and just describe how to filter your emails, and keep being organized for ever.

Emailing - stress free

No need anymore to find the right wording. To verify every comma. To read and proof read every email.

GabrielAI compose professional emails for you. You just need to send them.

Describe how GabrielAI should reply to your emails and let it do its magic.

It draft your emails for you, you just hit send and life stress free.

Community Reviews

Different professionals, in different roles, already use GabrielAI to speed up their day to day email operations.

Alexander Johnson


GabielAI allows me to start my day much faster. I don't read anymore dozen and dozen of emails before my coffee. Just one email and I am ready.

Emily Davis

Project management

GabrielAI allows me to easily and smartly categorize all my emails in their correct folder. It is much faster to find what I need.

Benjamin Thompson

Customer Support

GabrielAI cut the time I use in answering common questions by 98%. I can now focus on helping customers with real issues that bring real money.

Get started for free and save time, stress and money on every email. Everyday!

You can start using GabrielAI for free for 30 days. No need of credit card. No need to remember to cancel.

Our Pricings

You can start using GabrielAI for free for 30 days.

After that, you can subscribe to the plan that fits bets your needs!

$ 4.99 /mo

  • Email Summaries
  • No smart filtering
  • No autodrafting

$ 8.99 /mo

  • Email summaries
  • Smart filtering
  • No autodrafting

$ 14.99 /mo

  • Email summaries
  • Smart filtering
  • Autodrafting

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