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Autodraft emails.
Email filters reinvented.

Cut by 10x the time you and your team need to reply to emails everyday.Start in 3 easy steps:
1. Which email should we autodraft
2. How your email should be drafted
3. Find autodraft emails in your gmail inbox after few seconds


🤑 Save Time + Money
👷 Stay in control
🤵 Enjoy a professional written email
🚀 Just hit send

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How it works

First, describe to which email the filter applies

Use natural language, describing either the content, the subject or the sender.

Do not rely anymore on single words, but filter based on topics, emotions or well known facts.

We will not touch the emails that don't match any of the filters.

Then provide indication on how to reply to the emails

Describe how to draft the reply in English. No need to use special flowchart.

Add as much context as needed.
The system will automatically decide if to use it or not.

🤑 Save time and money

Enjoy emails autodraft-ed for you directly in your inbox.
Directly as reply to the original email.

👷 Stay in control

You always have the chances to check your auto-drafted email, update it, correct it, make sure it is correct and that follows your policies.

🚀 Send!

Finally, just SEND your reply.

Still not clear?

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Privacy and Security First

We understand that you may have some issue to give GabrielAI access to your email.

We are proud to be a security and privacy focus company.

We do not store your email, we do not sell your data, and we value your trust more than anything else.

Our business depends on our costumers - YOU - trusting us.

We went through the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) to be able to serve our costumers.CASA is an extremely detailed and precise process, made of a set of 70 automatic and manual checks.CASA make sure that applications are secure and protect the privacy of their users.Read more about our security and privacy.


Power User

19 €/month

  • Unlimited filters

  • Unlimited Context

  • Unlimited emails read

  • Up to 1000 email drafted


9 €/month

  • Unlimited filters

  • Unlimited Context

  • Up to 1000 emails read

  • Up to 100 email drafted

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